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Dog Crate Covers

Want to hide that unattractive metal crate? Bow Wow Crate Covers will help you do just that.

Crates are not just for training. Your pet's crate provides a "den" so use it even when training is complete. Our Great Dane would voluntarily go to his crate because it was cozy and comfortable for him.


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Bow Wow Crate Covers made to order from 7 ounce cotton linen-look fabric available in 4 colors! Designed for front door only dog crates or dog crates with multiple doors. The front, back and side panels can be raised individually or rolled under as shown in some examples when needed. Each panel is FULL length which provides a den-like atmosphere that dogs like. No attachments of any kind to entice dogs to play with or pull the cover inside the crate. A makeover with a simplistic-minimalist exterior design to beautify your dog's space!

Select COMBO when ordering and you will receive a Crate Cover, Bed Cover and YOU FILL Liner!

DOG BED COVER (with combo order)
•standard home décor 7 oz cotton linen-look
•classic pillow style cover
•envelope closure on end vs. backside
•bed cover is machine wash and tumble dry

YOU FILL LINER (with combo order)
•separate inner cover
•velcro closure
•water repellent
•nylon easily wiped clean
•stuff with shredded memory foam, poly-fil, etc.
•better than sewn-shut inserts that go flat

We offer the option to add on a bed cover and you fill water repellent liner with a combo order. Fill the liner with regular sleeping pillows or poly-fil. Poly-fil is the same type of stuffing found inside pillow inserts. Don't overstuff. Let it have some give so your pet has a nice comfy cloud to sleep on. Seal the Velcro closure on the liner. Place inside the dog bed cover. I make the liner as an alternative to sewn shut inserts that do go flat eventually. With the liner you can add more poly-fil when it starts to go flat or replace it when it needs refreshed. If your pet has an accident on the bed cover it is machine washer and dryer safe. Super easy maintenance! See highlights on Instagram @bowwowbeds for an example.

You want your crate cover to measure the same size as your crate, otherwise, it will not fit properly. Since our crate covers are made to order, feel free to contact us with the length, width and height measurements of your crate if you do not see it listed at the bottom of this page. If your crate measures just SLIGHTLY (an inch or two) different feel free to add the closest size to your shopping cart and in the comments section at checkout request the custom length x width x height. I offer the 48L by request only during busier times. I no longer offer the 54L.

Crate Covers are precisely made to fit the crate, therefore, we recommend spot cleaning as machine washing will cause cotton to shrink and it will no longer fit the crate. If you find you need a more thorough cleaning some have dry cleaned the crate covers, though, we recommend you consult with a dry cleaning specialist.

Made to order in Northern KY near Cincinnati. Ships in approximately 3-4 weeks (can vary slightly during peak times). A USPS tracking dispatch number will be provided when your order is finished.

Before ordering see FAQs where we have more information regarding fabrics, cancellations, exchanges, return policy, etc. and our email address if you have any questions.

Linen Fabrics Linen Fabrics

Linen Fabrics Linen Fabrics


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