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Dog Crate Covers

Want to hide that unattractive metal crate? Bow Wow Crate Covers will help you do just that!

Crates are not just for training. Your pet's crate provides a "den" so use it even when training is complete. Our Great Dane will voluntarily go to his crate because it is cozy and comfortable for him with his bed and crate cover!

In the wild, dogs will naturally find a den or safe area to sleep. Domestic dogs will also naturally den. You will often see a dog sleeping under a table or next to a piece of furniture.

A crate cover along with a designer bed cover will give your companion that den-like haven to go to while complementing your decor.



Bow Wow Crate Covers are custom made to order (see faqs for production time) and available in MANY canvas (10 oz) colors OR 6 linen-look (7 oz) colors. Designed with both front AND side door entry crates in mind all four panels (front, back, left and right sides) can be raised individually for proper ventilation and placed on top of the crate out of the way as needed.

Fabric Colors Fabric Colors

You want your crate cover to measure the same size as your crate, otherwise, it will not fit properly. Since our crate covers are made to order, feel free to contact us with the length, width and height measurements of your crate if you do not see the size needed at the bottom of this page. If your crate measures slightly different feel free to add the closest size to your shopping cart and in the comments section at checkout request the custom LxWxH. If I have any questions, I will contact you.

Crate Cover Crate Cover


Grommets for Dog Crate Covers

We have made crate covers for over a decade without grommets/ties. They are not required just a matter of preference. Custom grommet placement requests welcome.

ROLL UP and tie (see example 1). Not required as you can simply raise each panel when needed and place on top of the crate out of the way. For $5 you get 2 grommets with 2 ties.
-roll up front door small panel $5 which is the width measurement
-roll up back small panel $5
-when looking at front small, roll up left large panel $5 which is the length measurement
-when looking at front small, roll up right large panel $5 which is the length measurement

TIE TO CRATE (see Waldo example 2). Again, not required unless you prefer to secure the crate cover to the crate or tie the panels together at the corners. For $20 you get 8 grommets with 4 ties. This will give you 2 grommets with 2 ties for each panel.

HALFWAY and tie (see example 3) For $12 you get 4 grommets with 2 ties to tie up one panel. If you look at the air traffic crate cover in example 3 there are 2 bottom corner grommets installed (not visible in photo) and 2 top corner grommets installed (you can only see top right corner in photo) so you can bring the bottom corner grommets up to the top corner grommets and tie a panel up halfway.
-tie up halfway front door small panel $12 which is the width measurement
-tie up halfway back small panel $12
-when looking at front small, tie up halfway left large panel $12 which is the length measurement
-when looking at front small, tie up halfway right large panel $12 which is the length measurement

ADDING PERSONALIZATION? If so, keep in mind placement. For instance, say your pet uses the front small door most often and you are ordering front small door roll up. Most likely you will not want personalization on the front door panel as when rolled up it will not be seen. Consider putting personalization on the panel that will be facing the room (see Waldo example 2) OR on "top" of the crate behind the rolled up fabric panel (see Milo example above).

No grommets are needed in this Dog House example. Simply tuck the panel of the door your pet uses most often under the crate cover. If you have ANY questions, click on contact above as we are happy to help!


Make your pet's crate cover UNIQUE! Choose from 2 font sizes at checkout. Small 2 inches tall, Large 4 inches tall. Size will be based upon the amount of letters requested. The longer the request the smaller the font will be. You are welcome to request multiple pet names for one cover BUT...... For instance, you order the small font for the name THEO. It will be about 2 inches tall. Say you have two dogs that will share the cover and you want THEO & LEROY and you order (1) small font. The THEO & LEROY text will be smaller than 2 inches. If you would like each name to be the size advertised order personalization for each name.

:click pictures below to enlarge:

fontpaintbrush.jpg (59638 bytes) fontboldscript.png (59638 bytes) fontarmy.png (59638 bytes) fontgraffiti.png (59638 bytes)
fontlowercase.png (59638 bytes) fonthandwrittentall.png (59638 bytes) manyfontcolors.jpg (59638 bytes)


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