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Dog Bed CoversDog Bed Cover

Bow Wow Bed Covers are made to order from soft but DURABLE, machine washable, cotton duck canvas! No fabric is chewproof as our dogs can chew rawhide but this 12 OZ Canvas is one of the TOUGHEST fabrics you will find for a dog bed cover! Sleeping pillows make great inserts and are also machine washable. Owners with dogs who like to chew will appreciate our no zipper-envelope closure which keeps the pillows you use as stuffing tucked away. Have a dog bed that you need a replacement cover for? If so or if you plan on using an insert that is thicker than a standard sleeping pillows depth, please click on contact above and email us the width, length and depth measurements so we can help you get the correct size cover.

Dog Bed Cover Dog Bed Cover

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Natural - looks like vanilla bean ice cream
Mushroom - similar to a darker khaki or taupe with green hue
Rhino - medium shade of grey

Fabric Colors

$11 (small) or $22 (large) per cover

Personalized Dog Beds Personalized Dog Beds

Make your pet's bed cover UNIQUE! We no longer offer ink as canvas is meant to be painted on! Each canvas cover is individually hand painted. Choose from 2 font sizes at checkout. Small about 2 inches tall or Large about 4 inches tall. Size will be based upon the amount of letters requested. The longer the request the smaller the font will be. Custom sizes available upon request. Machine washer safe.

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fontpaintbrush.jpg (59638 bytes) fontboldscript.png (59638 bytes) fontarmy.png (59638 bytes) fontgraffiti.png (59638 bytes)
fontlowercase.png (59638 bytes) fonthandwrittentall.png (59638 bytes) fontcursive.png (59638 bytes)


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