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Dog Bed CoversDog Bed Cover

Bow Wow Bed Covers are now made to order from durable water repellent army duck. We special order premium double fill 100% cotton canvas which is the highest quality canvas made and more tightly woven than the commonly used single filled variety creating excellent strength and durability with an ultra smooth soft hand. Stuff them with sleeping pillows, memory foam or simply recover that old dog bed!

Not all of our sizes (bottom of this page) take a specific amount of pillows, though, you can still use them! If you plan on using an insert that is thicker than a standard sleeping pillows depth, please click on contact above and email us the width, length and depth measurements so we can help you get the correct size cover!

Dog Bed Cover Dog Bed Cover

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Color Block Dog Bed Covers

Color Block available ┆ Choose one or two canvas fabric colors at checkout!

Flippable Dog Bed Cover


Owners with dogs who like to chew will appreciate our no zipper design. You can use BOTH sides of this Bow Wow Bed Cover since the opening is on the end as shown above instead of the backside making it super easy to stuff and destuff! Simply pull the top overlap down and around the stuffing you use and the bottom overlap.


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Army Duck Canvas

Natural looks like vanilla bean ice cream, Driftwood is a lighter shade of grey, Charcoal is dark grey, Nantucket Red is a red faded pink type color and pretty similar to coral, the Khaki we use is the perfect shade and not too green, Cinnamon looks like cinnamon in the spice cabinet.

PLEASE NOTE: Internet colors may differ from actual fabric colors. Feel free to email us with any questions!

$22 per side

We can personalize your order by handprinting the text you choose. Size will be based upon the amount of letters requested. The longer the request the smaller the font will be. We have 9 font options and over 20 font colors for personalization! NEW Bold Script font shown in photo 1 below. Military font shown in photo 2. Graffiti font shown in photo 3. lowercase font shown in photo 4. Retro font shown in photo 5. NEW Handwritten Tall font shown in photo 6. NEW Calligraphy font shown in photo 7. Script font shown in photo 8. NEW Cargo font shown in photo 9. Font colors shown in photo 10 and 11.

:click pictures below to enlarge:

boldscript.jpg (59638 bytes) newmilitaryfont.jpg (59638 bytes) graffitifont.jpg (59638 bytes) lowercasefont.jpg (59638 bytes)
retrofont.jpg (59638 bytes) handwrittentall.jpg (59638 bytes) calligraphyfont.jpg (59638 bytes) cursivescriptfont.jpg (59638 bytes)

cargofont.jpg (59638 bytes) fontcolorsnew.jpg (59638 bytes) metalliconnatural.jpg (59638 bytes)


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