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Dog Bed Cover

Get a UNIQUE dog bed cover for your pet! Made to order (see faqs for production time and more) from canvas or linen-look (standard home decor weight cotton) available in MANY colors! Simply stuff with sleeping pillows, etc. as suggested below and you have a super comfortable bed for your pet!

SM 19x25 Cover - Use (1) 20x26 standard sleeping pillow
SM 26x26 Cover - Use (1) 26x26 euro insert
MED 25x35 Cover - Use (2) 20x26 standard
MED 28x35 Cover - Use (2) 20x30 queen
LG 34x38 Cover - Use (2) 20x36 king
XL 36x46 Cover - Use (4) 20x26 standard

Our covers fit a standard sleeping pillows depth. If you need a custom size or you plan on using an insert that is thicker than a standard sleeping pillows depth like memory or orthopedic foam, please click on contact above and email the width, length and depth measurements so we can help you get the correct size cover!

Some of our sizes accommodate a certain amount of sleeping pillows that you can use as stuffing. Sleeping pillows make great inserts and are also machine washable. For sizes that do not take a certain amount of sleeping pillows as stuffing we recommend adding on a water repellent nylon YOU FILL LINER (separate inner cover) with Velcro closure. With a liner YOU have control of the stuffing and you will be able to replace the stuffing when needed unlike inserts that go flat and are sewn shut! Nylon can easily be wiped clean and for stuffing use sleeping pillows, loose fill like shredded memory foam, recycle your t-shirts or blankets, stuff with a bed comforter, bean bag fill or get a HUGE 10 pound box of Poly-fil for about $20 online. Stuffing NOT included. You fill the liner (see photo example below) and simply stuff inside the bed cover. Do not overstuff. Let it have some give so your pet has a nice cozy resting place! Select "with liner" via the drop down menu to get the bed cover + liner combo. A liner is NOT required unless you want to use loose fill (Velcro closure on the liner will keep it contained) OR you prefer to have a water repellent barrier.

Dog Bed Cover Dog Bed Liner Dog Bed Cover

Bow Wow Bed Covers have an envelope closure on the end (shown below) instead of the backside making it flippable meaning you can use BOTH sides of the cover. Easy no zipper design!

No Zipper Dog Bed Cover

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Dog Bed Covers Personalized Dog Beds Dog Bed Covers

Make your pet's bed cover UNIQUE! Choose from 2 font sizes at checkout. Small 2 inches tall, Large 4 inches tall. Size will be based upon the amount of letters requested. The longer the request the smaller the font will be. You are welcome to request multiple pet names for one cover BUT...... For instance, you order the small font for the name JUNO. It will be about 2 inches tall. Say you have two dogs that will share the cover and you want JUNO & LUNA and you order (1) small font. The JUNO & LUNA text will be smaller than 2 inches. If you would like each name to be the size advertised order personalization for each name.

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fontpaintbrush.jpg (59638 bytes) fontboldscript.png (59638 bytes) fontarmy.png (59638 bytes) fontgraffiti.png (59638 bytes)
fontlowercase.png (59638 bytes) fonthandwrittentall.png (59638 bytes) manyfontcolors.jpg (59638 bytes)

Dog Bed Cover


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